Who Else Wants to Learn to Play Vibraphone?

Dear Aspiring Musician,

Do you want to learn to play the Vibraphone or the Xylophone?

Want to bypass expensive lessons from boring teachers?

What if you could learn from the comfort of your own home, how to build your technique and play all your favorite songs?

I know that's a bold claim, but if you take 5 minutes to read this letter, I'll show you why this is VERY real.

Introducing The Mallet Code the debut instructional DVD set from Jason "Malletman" Taylor.

Who is Jason "Malletman" Taylor
And Why is He Qualified
To Teach You How to Play?

Malletman is a jazz recording artist and 5-time Grammy ballot nominee and he's here to share his explosive fresh approach to making music and learning the Vibraphone.

He's performed many times on television and all over the world, opening up for some of the biggest names in Music like Earth, Wind & Fire or Tito Puente, Jr.

I could go on and on about his credentials, but this letter is about YOU. I want you to start having fun immediately playing the Vibraphone.

Without further ado...

Here's the Simplified, 3-step Formula to
Playing All Your Favorite Songs:

1. Learn some basic technique

First you need technique. Fortunately, Vibraphone technique is NOT complicated. You'll learn everything you need to know -- how to stand, where to stand, how to hold the mallets, how to strike the bars, and so on.

Just a few secrets will make it 10 times easier and then you're on your way!

2. Learn some basic theory

The vibraphone is both a percussive instrument and a melodic one. So, in addition to knowing the technique, you should know a bit about music theory...Nothing fancy... No rocket science. Just a few basic scales and chords and you're good to go.

3. Play all your favorite songs

Now that you know how and what to play, you can start playing songs -- either with other musicians, or solo. You'll be shocked and amazed how full a sound you can create with just a set of bars and two mallets.

It's go time!

Here's Some of the Juicy Nuggets
You'll Discover on the 2-DVD Set called
The Mallet Code:

  • The real secret to getting that cool "pulsing" sound 2:08
  • Learn about the 4 different types of mallets and when to use each kind. 3:19
  • How to get the right texture and attack for any style or song. 7:01
  • Dig the blues? Watch how smoothly it is to put together a basic blues pattern on the vibes. 10:10
  • What to NEVER to do -- this might damage your instrument. 12:32
  • A 2 step formula to warming up in less than 15 seconds 14:39
  • The right way to stand, the right distance, position, how to hold the mallets, all the essential technique is clearly explained at 19:59.
  • The "Malletman grip" can be learned in a few moments...Check it out at 21:03
  • Massive revelation: The secret of coordination is explained at 22:36.
  • How to hit the bars...Hint: It's all about knowing the patterns. Watch at 24:21
  • How to attack the bars. You'll want to avoid hitting the wrong place and avoid that "dead" tone. 27:00

You'll also avoid a huge mistake that most beginners make. Once you know this,

The Key to Endurance... Revealed!

This secret alone is worth the price of the entire DVD set, just by itself. Here's more:

Plus, why and how to use the Damper pedal, and how to properly adjust the wing-nuts so you feel most comfortable.

  • The "triangle method" is a Mallet man exclusive to get your whole body involved with the instrument and give you extra balance. Check it out at 33:59
  • Some basic exercises to give you wrist control and get you flowing on the basic scales. 36:53
  • The single stroke technique is a powerful rudiment that will you have playing instantly. 39:22
  • How to sway your body to make playing even easier. 40:03
  • Another twist is playing "Doubles" -- make your playing twice as spicy. 41:09
  • The fun continues with "rolls". Not the kind you eat, but it makes your playing quadruple crunchy. 41:40
  • The "1,3,5,1" pattern is an awesome way to practice. You'll learn it and several other must-know techniques. See 43:32

And one of my favorites:

Let Me Show You Some Epic Patterns.

  • Learn one of the most popular songs in the world - a great starting point and a good way to practice your doubles. 49:41
  • How to harmonize your playing. It's uncomplicated and makes you sound like a one-man band. 50:41
  • Another classic tune shown will give you an opportunity to apply your singles, doubles, and rolls. 53:07
  • How to "swing" and improvise on the vibes... You'll start experimenting and getting creative. 55:05

Unlock the Vibraphone.

That's right -- once you learn a few core basics, the entire instrument will open up to you. Ideas will start coming out of the woodwork and presenting themselves to you... And that's when the magic really happens because you'll start having some major FUN!

If all this sounds good so far, then get ready for a wild ride because here's a sample of what's revealed on Disc 2 of the Mallet Code:

  • If you already play a little keyboards or piano, you'll learn a trick that makes learning the vibes a smooth transition. 1:27
  • A killer 3 minute history lesson on the origin of the Vibraphone, the Xylephone, and various related instruments from around the world. Fascinating! 4:52
  • Learn the minor scale, the augmented chord, and other fancy chords and scales. Don't worry, Malletman makes it as effortless as eating a slice of Grandma's apple pie. 9:25
  • Flams are an awesome trick stolen from the drums that you can use in any musical style. Jason shows a great bluesy example at 13:37
  • Plus you'll discover the difference kinds of flams and when to use each one. 14:30
  • How to combine flams, doubles, and rolls. Mix them up and get really creative. 15:28
  • Triplets are another essential rudiment. You'll easily master these too. See 16:02.

Wanna Learn the Secret of Improvisation?

Well guess what? That's what you're about to discover. You just need to apply a little bit of music theory. Don't worry it's all clearly explained on these DVDs. Just add a drop of this magic and you'll be having a real good time.

Here's more:

  • How to add chromatic tones in your playing. It's an awesome way to spice up your chords. See 21:03
  • Learn a killer jazz standard called "Star Dust". This one is tastier than an epic tropical cocktail. 22:52
  • How to hold multiple mallets per hand if you want to go beyond just 2 mallets. 26:32
  • The 2 mallet sandwhich exercise creates masterful skill and looks completely badass. 28:38
  • Less is more in music. How to use space to create a killer sound. 33:37
  • How to use the diminished chord to create a dark eerie mood. 35:46
  • Learn an awesome Carribean song: "Under the Sea" 38:03
  • You'll get a major thrill with this classic Michael Jackson song: Thriller 51:25

And there's a lot more secrets and magic that I didn't have time to go into here.

Well, this is it my friend...

I've Yet to Meet the Musician
Who Could Resist
Learning these Powerful Secrets.

I've never seen a more entertaining instructor deliver the nuts and bolts of an instrument so powerfully. You'll be up and running with the Vibraphone in no time, I guarantee it.

And if you were skeptical that it can really be this effortless, all I ask is you suspend your disbelief and give it a try...


You're Protected By
Our Famous 12 Month
Money-Back Gurantee

We're offering a generous 12 month guarantee on this DVD course... So, if for some strange reason, you're NOT thrilled with your progress or unsatisfied for any reason (or even no reason) then just send us the DVDs back and we'll give you a prompt refund.

No hassle, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education.

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It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below and you'll soon be the proud owner of The Mallet Code that will reward you for a lifetime.

Keep playin,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Don't forget, you're protected by our 365-day 100% money-back guarantee so there's nothing to lose and lots of fun to gain.

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